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Name: Jessica Storm (Jae)

Age: 18

Location: Dayton,Ohio

10 Favorite bands: Bile/Otep/Chimaira/Soilwork/Justin Timberlake/Lords of Acid/Killswitch Engage/Meshuggah/Demon Hunter/Unloco

5 Favorite stores/shops: Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/My friends closest/Lost and founds/thats about it

Hobbies: internet/phone/photography/eatting/reading books and magazines/shopping

Where you saw us advertised: Interest search

Why we should accept you: Because I need something to do with my time.Voting communities are fun.

Favorite books: any francesca lia block book//lord of the flies//to kill a mockingbird

Movies:Horror movie and indie film fanatic.

I didn't bother with the quote and time of day. But hey, my favourite colour is purple.

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