Sharon (diiscobloodbath) wrote in perfectxcore,

i`m new..

app. under the cut.

Name: Sharon
Age: 15
Location: California
Hobbies: dancing, shopping, kicking ass, reading, watching movies, friends.
10 Favorite Bands: Rilo Kiley, Chicks On Speed, Blonde Redhead, Frou Frou, Gravy Train!!!, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Blood Brothers, Stage Fright Remedy, Morrissey, Bikini Kill, Mates Of State, Mars Volta, BTBAM, Cydne Raven... so much more. I love music.
5 Favorite Stores/Shops: Japan [The Country], Forever 21, Deelux, The Electric Chair [shoes], MAC counters and stores, Sephora, Thrift Stores.
Where you saw us advertised:
Why we should accept you: because I`m fucking perfect. MMMhhMM.

Books: Hanged Man, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Hard Love, Cut, Normal Girl, Making the Run, Beijing Doll.
Movies: Girl, Interrupted, Amelie, Garden State, Camp, Ghost World, Kiki`s Delivery Service, Ferngully, Almost Famous, Fight Club, Kill Bill + more.
Quotes: Live fast. Die Pretty.
Time of Day: Night time!
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