Bre (bre_da_cheese) wrote in perfectxcore,

here it is <3

Age: 16
Location: northern burbs of chicago
10 Favorite arist/bands: tbs, ludicris, usher, alica keys, aaliaya, sugarcult, yellowcard, kc and jo jo,mest, avril lavinge, ashlee simpson, jessica simpson
5 Favorite stores/shops: hollister, ambercromibe, american eage, forever 21, aeropostle
Hobbies: hanging out with friends, working, working out, chillian with boys, going to movies
Where you saw us advertised: i found you guys in the eating disorders interest
Why we should accept you: well im perfect *of couse* actually no im not really, and personally no one is. but hell i need friends and i think it would be awesome to join. <33 so yeah pick me.
And finally any favorite books, movies, quotes, or time of the day: i love the movie cheaper by the dozen. quote-- listen to what others say, they usually got alot to say :D

me (body shot)

Jessica and me

me and my friend mal ( im in the tank top

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