elisabeth, lady of the ligers (lizbarnacle) wrote in perfectxcore,
elisabeth, lady of the ligers


name: elisabeth
age: 17
location: aptos, california
10 favorite bands: in no particular order because that would just be impossible. bright eyes, belle and sebastian, the velvet teen, the postal service, the cure, radiohead, death cab for cutie, the strokes, cocteau twins, son, ambulance.
5 favorite stores/shops: thrift stores, diesel, poste mistress, cielo, swear.
hobbies: running, soccer, horseback riding, anything having to do with theatrics, watching movies with friends, going to shows, traveling, photography.
where i saw you advertised: search for eating disorders.
why i should be accepted: because i fucking rock!
favorite...books: the pillowman, the lieutenant of inishmore, the great gatsby, the picture of dorian gray, the catcher in the rye.
movies: a clockwork orange, lock stock and two smoking barrels, trainspotting, kill bill, donny darko, the breakfast club, sabrina (original), igby goes down.
quotes: "To-morrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of to-day?"
time of the day: any time after midnight before i've gone to bed, or before the sun comes up in the morning after i've woken up.

sorry for the fact that my face turned out green, my printer is running out of ink.
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