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Name: Jessica Storm (Jae)

Age: 18

Location: Dayton,Ohio

10 Favorite bands: Bile/Otep/Chimaira/Soilwork/Justin Timberlake/Lords of Acid/Killswitch Engage/Meshuggah/Demon Hunter/Unloco

5 Favorite stores/shops: Forever 21/Charlotte Russe/My friends closest/Lost and founds/thats about it

Hobbies: internet/phone/photography/eatting/reading books and magazines/shopping

Where you saw us advertised: Interest search

Why we should accept you: Because I need something to do with my time.Voting communities are fun.

Favorite books: any francesca lia block book//lord of the flies//to kill a mockingbird

Movies:Horror movie and indie film fanatic.

I didn't bother with the quote and time of day. But hey, my favourite colour is purple.

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hmmmmm i dunno get back to me on that one
The only picture I really like is the second one - but the other two are just not flattering at all. Sure you are cute but not right for perfectxcore. xo
cute to me. but not right for this community.
no thanks
Absolutely adorable. I love the fedora.

...No, but you ARE pretty.
i heart it 2
Did you get it in a vintage place? I've been combing the web and malls for that same hat, but with no such luck. I'm really curious. ^^ Claires or Afterthoughts one of those places.