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Name: Justin
Age:: 18, August 10th

Location: San Diego area, California

10 Favorite bands: 1. over my dead body 2. bane 3. champion 4. find him and kill him 5. in your face 6. terror 7. american nightmare 8. swindle 9. ten yard fight 10. in control

5 Favorite stores/shops: 1. thrift stores 2. concerts 3. online 4. buffalo exchange 5. hand me down piles

Hobbies: going to shows, volunteering at the che caf'e, running, the computer is a major part of my life, lacrosse, comunity college, guitar, music music music

Where you saw us advertised: through someone elses journal some how i ended up here

Why we should accept you: because you know you want to

favorite books: i am not an avid reader

movies: final destination 1, bring it on, anything that stops my boredom

quotes: if practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, than why practice?

time of the day: 6:40pm PST
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