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i`m new.. [26 Jan 2005|06:01pm]
app. under the cut.

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here it is <3 [04 Oct 2004|10:02pm]

ifCollapse )
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new/application [27 May 2004|04:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey I'm new, I guess this is my application..

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[15 May 2004|12:04pm]
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me... [25 Feb 2004|06:14pm]

the evalution beginsCollapse )
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[05 Dec 2003|12:41pm]

[ mood | busy ]

you guys, we need to advertise. this community has potential and it's slowly dying. sniff =(

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x [25 Nov 2003|06:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

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<3 [24 Nov 2003|05:01pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

o1.Name: Caitlin
o2.Age: 16
o3.Location: St. Pete, Florida
o4.10 Favorite bands
o2.Brand New
o3.Saves the Day
o4.Every Time I Die
o5.Taking Back Sunday
o7.The Juliana Theory
o9.Further Seems Forever
o5.5 Favorite stores/shops
o1.Global Thrift
o2.Salvation Army
o3.Thrift City USA
o1.playing guitar
o2.going to shows
o3.walking around downtown
o7.Where you saw us advertised: a comment in tightpants
o8.Why we should accept you: because this community wouldn't be the same without me, the party doesn't start til i've arrived.
o9.Favorite book: Romeo and Juliet
o1.i like Grind because Blindside is in it.
o2.Shrek is the shit.
o1.people never change, they just become more of who they really are.

if you were a telephone, you'd still be off the hook...Collapse )

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Newbie [03 Nov 2003|09:55pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Here ya goCollapse )

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[30 Oct 2003|03:30pm]

dead like whoa..
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[23 Oct 2003|08:50pm]

[Bad username: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_hfl_humanized_] check out this Community
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[22 Oct 2003|07:33pm]

does any one have an extra LJ code so i can start a community if you have one IM me at RazorbladeKisx or email me at waff7ez@aol.com
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[16 Oct 2003|11:23pm]

get my name stitched on your lips so you won't get

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not a mod post, just suggestion from a member [16 Oct 2003|08:55pm]

I think stamped members need to be more active in voting yes/no for new applicants. i know this is all fun and games, but i believe we should want to have as many stamped members rating as possible.

Also, MORE ADVERTISING!!!! Things are a bit slooow.

xo simma.
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[16 Oct 2003|05:37pm]

loveCollapse )
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My Mother's Birthday and The Solo Experience [13 Oct 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Today was alright . . . Happy birthday mom. YAY? yay. Some of my friends came over to hang loose and eat some great food. Anyways, School remains the same except slightly different [In a good way . . . That's a first.] My good friend Steven and I performed an extra small concert for a small group of people in our choir room. It was actually really fun, even though the songs were stupid, but stupid in the best way. We are known as "The Solo Experience" interesting, huh? Yeah yeah whatever. Fairwell, LIVEjournalists. <3

It's worse than you think
On your way home you should have known
you never listen to me
I’m only complaining to keep myself busy, sweetie
I’m only complaining to keep myself busy, sweetie

I can’t say I blame you
but I wish that I could
I’m sick of writing every song about you

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[ mood | blank ]

I got beaten up by my own dream or at least it seemed. It was actually more than a ordinary dream, it was between heaven and hell. It was between a dream and reality, it was between a massacre and a peace treaty. It wasn't in a city more like a household, small not big at all, it grew sunshine and it was too damn pretty but dull. Dull enough to see demons crawling onto the walls. It could be the shadows of the tree branches screeching the window screen or your local homeless guy on the street trying to fulfill a love scene. And they say when you have it bad there's always someone that has it worst? Well fuck that, let's all burn in one piece, we'll all become a legend, a fairy tale, and a myth. There's no solution to heal a tormented kid, leave the kid alone and let him fuck himself up. He's a sight singer tonight trying to grab everyone's attention, don't you dare interrupt. I'm scribbling, I'm jotting a image of people lying, stealing, and deceiving. They deserve the worst since they're the cause to everything. All these idiotic fuck ups taking it easy, having the good life. While others at this very second are in their rooms holding the kitchen knife, cutting and cutting until the skies bleed night. It's another life form dead on the dirt like a dehydrated plant that appears to be a seed, I'm writing and writing and writing some more, the drugs aren't working anymore. So don't think this is a hate letter to the world 'cause it is. Won't you hand me a tommy gun, I insist, stop the resistance don't help me please. You'll miss me, you'll miss me, you won't be missed, your kiss might kill me as the blood appears, deeper in color and apparently more molder. I'm reciting the most disturbing things, but I'm following your words just like I promised, miss. You said, "Baby, It takes more time than I've ever had, it drained the life from me, and makes me want to forget. Let's lie to ourselves and say it's for the best." So I'm lying to myself and saying this is for the best, another long goodnight my heart's jumping off my chest. <3

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[06 Oct 2003|04:43pm]


... and my heart aches how can i stop the pain ?Collapse )

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MUST EFFIN READ. [05 Oct 2003|10:13pm]

these are our stamps for now.
if you don't like them.... make us new ones.
we're getting serious because i have been in la la land and not stamping.
boom let the games begin.
if you were accepted comment on this so i can add you to the user info page.
promote. promote. promote.
no commenting if you have not been STAMPED.
thank you. thank you.
<3 cathiy

title or description
title or description
title or description
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[04 Oct 2003|11:51pm]

ugh..these pictures are so lame..
sorry guys..it's late...im tired...

requested: more picsCollapse )
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